For a detailed examination and authentication of your painting

An experienced team. of Art Historians Specialized in the field of Ligurian  artwork will be able to provide their services.

Please enclose a card with the following:

  • Pictorial support i.e., on what is the picture painted, what is the material used (cardboard, paper, or other mediums)
  • Measurements in centimetersbased on the relationship between height and base
  • If possible a detail of the signature

Send by mail an image of at least 300 dpi or a color photo 18×24 of the back and front of the painting, (this is to detect the presenceof any markings, labels, stamps or writings).

If the experts will authenticate the piece, you  will be requested to send the painting to the Cultural Association to allow our experts a further re examination of the painting finalized in compiling a file to be added to our data base and catalogue of Art and Artefacts of the Ligurian region all under the carful and experienced supervision of doctor Franco Dioli.

The association offers the following services:

  • Advice and counselling on Restorative works to be carried out by a specialized restore best suited for the kind the intervention and typology needed.
  • Our filling and cataloguing system allow us to keep track of the works and ensure that these artefacts if stolen can be traced. Via this sysstem it is possible to stop painting from being sold and marketed. Apicture of the missing object will be dispatched electronically in real time to the Cultural Heritage Department of the Carabinieri in Rome, wich operate on a national level.
  • Lastly our data system will allow each piece to carry an informative file datailing its movements fotr show, exhibits, and publications.

The service is not free of charge.

This post is available in deutsch, english, french, italian and spanish.

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